Mastodon Analytics for Professionals


Actionable Advice

Slice your audience into actionable metrics. Combined with our tailored suggestions, we help you maximize your reach, conversion and accelerating your growth goals.


Export & Backup

We help you export your data for further processing.You create the content, so the data should be yours to keep. Once exported, you can run it through your own analytics pipeline in Excel, embed it into reporting renders or PDFs.Plus, we provide a simple and fully-automated backup solution for the worst-case scenario. If your instance goes down unexpectedly, or even permanently, a recent (albeit partial) copy of your data remains safely with us, so you don't have to start over completely from scratch.


Talk to us, if you need specific data

We have been providing our analytics solutions to some of the world's largest brands, social-media giants and Hollywood celebrities. From international media corporations to blue-chip industry leaders.If you need something we currently don't have, talk to us, there's a very good chance we can figure it out.


Free Accounts?

Processing and storing data is not free.We do not advertise to you, we do not sell your data, we do not share your data with anyone. We are not VC-backed, we are independent and so is your data.But, if you're just starting out — we hear you.So, why don't you start with our FREE account, today, which you can use as much as you like — and we'll do our best to try and support it for as long as we can reasonably afford to do so.There will eventually be upgrade offers, and some reports may only be available on paid plans in the future.We want to try and help. While we can still offer them, grab a free account, enjoy the service and maybe consider upgrading further down the road when we've had a chance to demonstrate our value, properly.